Dear Colleagues,
the next Computational Life Science (CLS) seminar will be given by Tammi Camilla Vesth from Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS),
Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) ( on Wednesday June 6, at 11:15 in Lille auditorium, Kristen Nygaards hus:

Title: CMG-Biotools, a platform for Comparative Microbial Genomics

Abstract: This seminar will present a free platform for doing
comparative microbial genomics (CMG) on genome sequence data. We have developed a stand alone operating system (CMG-biotools) designed for microbiologists with limited knowledge in computational analysis. The system will be introduced, and the different functionalities will be presented using a set of example organisms from the class Negativicutes. The functionalities include download of genomes, basic sequence parameters, basic phylogenetic analysis, proteome comparisons using BLAST and DNA structure analysis. The system is free and comes with a basic introduction to Unix, Wiki documentation page and course-like tutorials.

How to find the auditorium in Kristen Nygaards hus/IFI1 building:

This building is just next to Ole-Johan Dahls hus/IFI2 where we had the CLS seminars in 2011. Go out the main entrance of IFI2 (rotating doors between kantine and coffee bar), straight ahead, down the stairs, into Kristen Nygaards hus, and "Lille auditorium" is the first door on the right.

All are welcome!

Lecture slides, part A: File:OsloSeminarFinal (dragged).pdf

Lecture slides, part B: File:OsloSeminarFinalA.pdf